Honey Stinger: Runners Review

The big mistake that I made with this product was giving it to my kid at 7:30 at night!

One of the great things about Honey Stinger is that they have kid versions. I was actually surprised when I opened their package thinking that there would be only the bigger version of the product, there they had a few labeled ‘kids’. My son was also excited to find this out. He is 6, and he does not really care about energy…or need extra energy, but he viewed them as a treat.

My kid had been great all day so to reward him I gave him a pack of ‘Kids Organic Chews’ at 7:30 at night. I did not think that it would do all that much to him, but he was off the walls. So let that be a warning to you…Honey Stingers do exactly what they say they do…give you energy.

On to the bigger version of the energy product.

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A Runners Foods

If you have been in the running community at all, then there are 3 foods that you for sure have heard of: Kale, Chia, and Sweet Potatoes.
You probably have heard of these foods before, but they are very predominant in the running community. Of coarse they are healthy, they don’t have a commercial, and I have heard that everything with a commercial is unhealthy, but why are runners so attached to them?
• Is high in Fiber that keeps you full and helps maintain your bowl systems.
• Is high in Beta-carotene which is an antioxidant, protecting your cells from free radicals such as pollution and everyday chemicals that we come in contact with.
• Is high in Calcium that promotes bone strengthening and repair allowing your bones to endure more on your runs.
• Is high in Iron...

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Laughing at Running

Sometimes you just have to find the humor in the things that you do. These made me laugh, and they will you too.

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It is Good

Running against the cityscapeI have a perfect streak this year! I have ran every day.

For me that is so exciting because I am just coming off an injury. A month ago or so I started to notice a pain in my leg, and it got worse when I ran. I talked to some friends and they could not decide what it was, but they did say that I should rest a while. So I took December off.

For the first week it was a killer because I was in the grove. You know how it is, where running is a part of your life, and sometimes you even schedule life around running.

To talk myself out of my running depression, I started to remind myself that it was nice to not go out in -16 degree weather, and being able to sleep in.

Then, it quickly got to the point where I was ‘remembering when I use to run’.

I was only injured!!!! I would run again, but I was...

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30 Second Motivations

Sometimes all that it takes is 30 seconds of motivation to get you out the door and running.

Here are some 30 second motivators to get you out the door.

Summer Bodies

Perfect ConditionsDoing the impossible

Acomplish my dreams

Take a breath



Simple Equation

Running Obsessed


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Tibial Tendonitis

Pink Shoe running

I started out my running phase of life half blind. Sure I knew what shin splints were, and what I side ache was. The more that I run, the more problems come out of the woodwork.

The positive side to that, more solutions come out of the woodwork, and now I share those solutions with you.

That is my favorite thing that I love about the running community, our willing to work together. Sure, I have come across a few, um, grumpy runners, but for the most part, the running society is a fit, successful, and happy society that is willing to do what they can to help the runner next to them.

That is where I got my information on todays topic: Tibial Tendonitis. From another runner.

Previously I had posted that I thought that I had created some fractures in my Tibia, and that I was going to have...

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Running Christmas Virtual Run

Snow Road

The holidays, at least for me, it not the most wonderful time of the year for my running. I love all the festivities, seeing your extended family, giving presents, and overall I thing that the world is a better place in December, but my run suffers.

The cold come out, the other morning it was -16 F here! It gets darker sooner, usually  around 5. I just fell lethargic from all the sweets that I eat. There are so many reasons to not run, but I have found a great reason to run.

A Running Cause: Running Christmas.

You probably have already heard of A Running Cause, a virtual running group on Facebook, but I really think that it is amazing what they are doing. They are letting you dedicate your miles to their charity, Running Christmas...

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My Taped Up Heart

Todays post is a little off the beaten path. When I run, sometimes my mind just wanders. Usually it solves a problem that I am having, or it turns to scientific questions that no one really cares about, but today I allowed my mind to wander and I would like to share where it went.

As my kid would say, my heart is a daddy sized heart. I am going to tell you a story about how it got to be this way.Woven paper hearts

I started out as most kids, with a child sized heart. Although a child’s heart is smaller and much more fragile, they seem to be everywhere.

In my wallet saying lets buy presents for everyone this Christmas.

In my pocket when my phone rings and it is my kid on the line.

And on my cheek with every kiss goodnight.

When I was 3 or 4 my best friend moved away...

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If it is something that is important to you, it will not come easy.

It never Gets easierI can not tell how many times I have started a post with something about how much I love running. It really is a core to me. Something that keeps me centered.

There is some law in the cosmos that says, since it is such a core for me, it will not come easily. This works across the board. In so many areas in life we may see something great, something that inspires us, that rings true in us. Something that we really want to do or be, but it always seems just out of reach. We see progress towards our goal, but then the rug gets swept out from under us, and in that moment most people think that all is lost. They think that trying is useless, because every time they have tried, something happens and it all gets taken away...

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Thanksgiving Heart


Tomorrow is thanksgiving. There will be family and friends over. Laughter and memories will be shared and enjoyed. There will probably be some sort of a turkey bowl played. Football watched on the big screen. One of my favorite parts, will be the naps after the turkey dinner. All this to celebrate the wonderful harvest that we reaped from our local grocery store :).

I know that the celebration of the harvest, the original reason for thanksgiving, has expanded to so much more than a harvest. We now have a variety of jobs to provide for our families, we enjoy cars and bikes, trains and planes, and all forms of transportation to allow us to enjoy life in a variety of ways. Our technology that allows us to call our friends, Google something, and play a game all at the same time, anywhere in ...

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